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PROFESSIONALISM - At "ADVANCED" there are multiple in-house title insurance agents, state of the art computer software, title searchers, support staff, law firm (at no additional cost to the customer), etc. to insure the purchase of your home is a dream, not a nightmare.

POLICIES & PROCEDURES - At "ADVANCED" we practice strict procedures to insure every transaction is reviewed by multiple staff members to make sure every detail is accurate.

PEOPLE - At "ADVANCED" we care about people from the first time home buyer to the investor, you can rest assured that the purchase of your property is important to us. This is our ONLY business. You are our FUTURE.

PRINCIPLES - At "ADVANCED" you will find that our personnel work with their heads, hearts, intellect and intuition.

Vickie C. Ireland, Owner of "ADVANCED" has twenty (20) years of experience in the land title industry only and has personally closed over 4,000 transactions since the opening of the business in 1996. Call "ADVANCED" for more details and find out why so many families have made "ADVANCED" their first choice for settlement services.


Close WHEN You Want to Close.

Close WHERE You Want to Close.

Let Us Coordinate With Your Lender, Realtor and Seller. We Prepare Your Settlement Statement and any other Documents Necessary to Complete your Settlement.

You Write One Check at Closing and Let "ADVANCED" Do The Rest.

"ADVANCED" has three (3) in-house Title Insurance Agents that are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Fully Bonded & Insured.

"ADVANCED" is backed by one of the Nations Highest Rated Insurers.

"ADVANCED" has established working relationships with Realtors and Lenders in eleven (11) counties.

"ADVANCED" has a retained law firm (at no additional charge to the customer) for less

than 1 % of transactions with contractual problems.

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